Suggested Apps


Wix Reservations

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Developed by Wix Functionality

  • Enables table booking online.
  • Choose title
  • Activate and add description
  • Edit button text
  • Horizontal or vertical layout
  • Choose color, font, border or background
  • No online payment functionality

Wix Booking

⭐⭐⭐ Developed by Wix Functionality

  • Online booking of services/ appointments.
Settings - Free version
  • Create staff members accordingly
  • Layout: adjust layout, choose between side by side, overlapping, stip, grid and ajust spacing.
  • image layout, (rectangle square or round) Also choose image size options
  • Display: choose what to display on each service, check the relevant details
  • List of service title & Button text
  • Design: add relevant color in list background, service background, image background, border and service details dividers
  • Only accepts payments through premium accounts
  • Pro version necessary to allow bookings
  • Set-up takes a long time
  • Scheduling setup can be set to 1h only on the Basic package
  • Send auto-reminder emails available only for Premium version
  • Online Payments available ONLY for Premium version
  • Take Bookings 24/7 available ONLY for Premium version
  • Cannot connect to own domain on Basic package
  • You can create single services or membership on Premium
  • Reminder emails and other automation emails are available only on the Premium version


Wix Chat

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Developed by Wix Functionality

  • Chat live with customer through the wix chat app.
Settings - Free version
  • When not available online, the wix chat box offers to send the business the email address, the name the phone number. These fields can all be customized.
  • The form can be set to display when online and when offline.
  • The form can be set to be mendatory.
  • It is possible to connect the chat function to the business gmail.
  • It is also possible to connect to a personal facebook profile and then answere customers through facebook.
  • Set notifications, receive an email evertime someone reaches out through the chat.
  • Notifications can also be set as desktop notification that will appear through your browser.
  • Email settings includes, Business name, a name a message subject, and an email sugnature.
  • It can be a bar or a rounded icon.
  • It can be in the lower right or lower left corner.
  • Can edit backgound color, message color, header color, border style.
Settings - Payed version
  • Enables chat hours, letting visitors know when you are available to chat.
  • Add business logo Edit profile picture present in the chat header.
  • Remove advertisment from ascend.
  • It is connected to the Footer, therefore it won't show on websites with the No Header & Footer option selected.
  • The chatbox doesn't appear on member login pages. It only appears after the member logs in.
  • Fonts can t be changed.

123 Form Builder

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Developed by independent dev Functionality Forms : Contact, customer satisfactory survey, event registration form, order form, Job application form, Online quiz, sales lead form, Donation form, Subscribe to a newsletter form, online poll, testimonial form, support request form and customizable forms. Settings - Free version

  • 10 fields max
  • 100 form submissions
  • 5 forms per site
  • Stellar Support (Live Chat)
  • 24+ Form Field Types
  • Anti-Spam Protection
  • Custom Design
  • Optional and Required Fields
Settings - Paid version
  • Custom autoresponders
  • Multiple Reciipients
  • File upload and html Content
  • Advanced data management
  • Pdf Submissions
  • Google drive
  • Private and public reports
  • In order to access all features this add on should needs to be upgraded to premium
  • Needs an account to function to


Wix Restaurant Orders

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Developed by Wix Functionality

  • Enable online food orders for Restaurant type business.
Settings - Free version
  • Pick-up: Define amount of time needed to prepare and pick-up orders after order.
  • Delivery: Set up minimum order (EUR) and delivery charge.
  • Choose between layouts: grid or list style.
  • Settings: show the banner image of each section.
  • Display Icons for the dishes.
  • Set colors for each different elements (main text, frame, actions, special dishes and Background.
  • Choose font and background color for the side bar.
  • Set the different labels, Monochrome, filled, outline, icon color and background color.
  • Add all dishes in the dashboard.
  • Choices available: Pick-up / Delivery
  • Disable online ordering if needed
  • Delivery: Select more than one area by radius
  • Delivery: Set up maximum deliver time
  • Pick-up and Delivery: Set up availability
  • Notifications: online, email, text, phone call, etc.
  • Notifications: see if there is any unhandled order
  • Future orders: Customers can place orders in advance.
  • Manage orders through dashboard
Settings - Paid version
  • Payment: Cash or card (ideal not available?)
  • Payment: SMS validation available
  • Need to pay, in order to activate online payment

Wix Stores

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Developed by Wix Functionality

  • eCommerce
Settings - Free version
  • Import CSV,
  • Set up layout, sorting options, image crop, set adjust color to brand
  • We should set a standard Webshopt that includes filters and sorting options
  • The app automatically creates shop page, product page and thank you page,
  • You can edit, add, organize by collections, all your products
  • You can create discounts, or other promotions per collection or per product, set a time frame for it and many other options
  • You can send emails with the promotions
  • Premium is needed in order to accept online payments

Price Table POWr

⭐⭐⭐ Developed by independent dev Functionality

  • Similar to Paid plans, this allows for price listings.
Settings - Free version
  • Set colors, border, highlights, spacing
  • Set products, packages etc
  • In order to list more than three packages you need to upgrade to premium
  • On the free account POWr adds can t be removed
  • This needs to be done manualy for for each product

Paid Plans

⭐⭐⭐ Developed by Wix Functionality

  • Allows to set up paid plans.
Settings - Free version
  • Choose how much the product costs, if it is a recurrent cost, weekly montly yearly. etc
  • Choose the definition of each plan,
  • Change colors, background, Plan module
  • Choose to show header, plan name, plan tagline, plan Benefits.
  • add devider and choose text alignment.
  • Choose text button
  • Needs a premium plan
  • Design is limited
  • All buttons need to have the same text, as it is a general setting for this app.
  • According to reviews this app seems buggy.
  • This app needs its own page on the site.


Wix Restaurant Menus

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Developed by Wix Functionality

  • Display a clean Menu for a restaurant.
Settings - Free version
  • Layout, choose between nine different layouts, some of which include pictures of meals etc.
  • Choose font
  • choose color of font
  • Adjust the color of the menu seperators
  • And change the color of the background.
  • Choose if the menu displays the price ( this can be set individually per product and include taxes)
  • Choose if the menu displays Dish options
  • Choose if the menu displays Section images
  • Choose if the menu displays Dish icons
  • If multiple menus, you can choose which ones should be visible on the site.
  • Adding menu
  • You have to stick to the 9 different layouts.
  • Adding each dish of a menu can be time consuming

Site Search

⭐⭐ Developed by independent dev Functionality

  • Search bar on the site
Settings - Free version
  • Number of searches
  • Frequent Sync
  • Search and navigation
  • Change colors, background, place holder text, border,
  • Change fonts
  • Round corner
  • Shadow
  • Adding magnifying glass
Settings - Paid version
  • AutoComplete Suggestions
  • Business dashboard
  • eCommmerce search results
  • Remove Logo
  • Only works after site has been published
  • You need the space to type in text, so you can't only show the icon and than expand on hover or click
  • Synch after publishing takes a while
  • It's not possible to have a transparent background color for the search icon/box
  • Can't change the color or style of the magnifying glass

Visual stats bar

⭐⭐⭐ Developed by independent dev Functionality

  • Animated visual stats bar
Settings - Free version
  • Adjust colors according to the design of the site
  • Inisrt values of requested by the client
  • VAlues can be pulled from amend sheets on premium version
  • Add relevent value
  • Layout
  • All animation design is only available with premium
  • Most layouts are only available with premium


Google maps by Wix

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Developed by Wix Functionality

  • Enables display of map, through google maps.
Settings - Free version
  • Set location
  • Set name of business
  • If mulitple locations this is an option.
  • Set the option that are displayed
  • Add a link relevant

Located - Store Mapper

⭐⭐⭐ Developed by independent dev Functionality

  • Mulitple Store located on one map
Settings - Free version
  • Set locations
  • Set languages, distance units, View radius, enable map dragging, enable scroll zoom, use visitor location and sync accross widget
  • Set theme
  • set map options
  • Choose relevant color for the markers on the map, set a custom marker with logo and adjust size


Wix Pro Gallery

⭐⭐⭐ Developed by Wix Functionality

  • Gallery of pictures and videos
Settings - Free version
  • The layout can be customisable and has many different options
  • Easy to choose which picture displays where thanks to drag and drop mode
  • Each picture can have a title, a description and a link
  • The content can be set to be downloadable
  • The content can be shareable through social media
  • Add overlay on all pictures
  • Color of overlapping icon
  • Add overlay effect when hovering on image
  • Add a mouvement effect when hovering over the the image
  • Image loading options : Blurred or Color placeholder (blurred recomended)
  • not supported by IE10
  • Jpeg images supported only


Instagram feed

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Developed by independent dev Functionality

  • Display instagram feed on site
Settings - Free version
  • Connect to customer account
  • Layout setting
  • language setting
  • choose what the hover displays (description and Likes and comments)
  • Set color coherent with site
  • Caption can only be on hover.

Wix Forum

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Developed by Wix Functionality

  • Enable Forum platform on site
Settings - Free version
  • All elements withing the app can be customised in terms of texts, colors, titles.
  • Set whether the client wants only members to be able to participate
  • No possiblity for anonymous posting

Social media icons by POWr

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Developed by independent dev Functionality

  • Add social media links on the site
Settings - Free version
  • Choose type of social media & and add link repeat for each social icon
  • Change layout : Horizontal or vertical and icons size
  • Add effects
  • Change Icon color and background color
  • Change hover effeect color
  • add border
  • Ability to add code
  • Free plan only allows for 3 links, and leaves a advertisment link to the developer.
  • Added effects only available on Premium
  • Changing background color affects all icons

Facebook Comments

⭐⭐⭐ Developed by Wix Functionality

  • Display facebook comments
Settings - Free version
  • 1 to 10 comments can be displayed
  • Choose text color
  • Choose to display from oldest to newest or frome nrewest to oldest commetns
  • Show only up to 10 FB comments
  • Choose only light or dark text
  • Range display is users choice

Wix Blog

⭐⭐⭐ Developed by Wix Functionality

  • Insert blog post into the site
Settings - Free version
  • Set all colors, background, hover effects, buttons, fonts
  • Enable Send emails notifictations to subscribers
  • Create posts
  • Import posts from Wordpress
  • Define Blog menu Activate/ or desactivate
  • Set Layout, and how they should load
  • Limited options of scheduling posts
  • Limited text / formatting options
  • It is possible to import posts only from WordPress ( for now )