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Top 30 templates

Keynote Speaker.jpg

Keynote Speaker

Researchers, lecturers, academic professionals, consultants.


Modern, spacious, sleek, professional. large text, full width. 


Main conversion: general/button

Real Estate Consultant.jpg

Real Estate Consultant

Real estate, consultants,  freelancers, services.


Modern, welcoming. clean layout, professional, small navigation.


Main conversion: form

Brand Studio.jpg

Brand Studio

Branding agencies, creative studios, and marketing portfolios.

Image focused. Stylish, brand-focused, cool, clean.

Main conversion: general

Tax Advisors.jpg

Tax Advisors

Branding agencies, creative studios, and marketing portfolios, finance, law, lawyers.


Polished, traditional, crisp, modern, elegant, content focused, parallax images. 


Main conversion: phone/button.


Food Photographer

Food photographers, professional chefs, cooking, blogs, editorial, restaurants.


Minimal, elegant, image focused.


Main conversion: general/button.

Fish & Seafood Restaurant.jpg

Fish & Seafood Restaurant

Restaurants, chefs, culinary specialists, food, cafes.


Cool, hip, illustration/graphic features, large text.


Main conversion: booking

Lounge Bar.jpg

Lounge Bar

Bars, restaurants and clubs.


Trendy, edgy, elegant. 


Main conversion: booking

Vegan Restaurant.jpg

Vegan Restaurant

Vegan restaurants, health-conscious cafes, chefs.


Modern, spacious, inviting, fresh, natural.


Gallery/image heavy. Main conversion: booking

Italian Cuisine.jpg

Italian Cuisine

Restaurants, cafes, catering companies, trade, services.


Fresh, fun. 


Main conversion: booking

Zero Waste Store.jpg

Zero Waste Store

Grocery stores, organic food shops, and sustainable businesses.



Main conversion: general/button



Professors, public speakers, and writers, personal website, CV. 


Professional, straight forward. Video feature.


Main conversion: eCommerce

Farm to Table Venue.jpg

Farm to Table Venue

Organic restaurants, farmers markets, and sustainable cafes.


Fresh, new, trendy, modern, chic, polished, clean.


Side navigation. Main conversion: general/button

Tropical Rental Villa.jpg

Tropical Rental Villa

Small hotels, B&Bs and privately owned villas, travel, tourism.


White space, stylish, minimal. Overlapping images/backgrounds.


Image focused. Main conversion: booking

Private Tutor_.jpg

Private Tutor

Teachers, online instructors and lecturers. Education, community.


Minimal, modern, simple, parallax scrolling.


Main conversion: general/button.

Bible Camp.jpg

Bible Camp

Community, education, events.


Stylish, colorful, fun, engaging. Parallax background images.


Main conversion: general/button

Food Charity.jpg

Food Charity

Community, education, non-profit.


Friendly, colourful. Video background.


Main conversion: general/button

Stem Camp.jpg

Stem Camp

Children, kindergarten, pre-school, education, learning.


Illustrations/graphics/icon focused, parallax scrolling images, colourful, fun, vibrant.


Main conversion: general



Portfolio, personal, service. background videos, large letters.


Professional, stylish, trendy.


Main conversion: General/form

Gallery Event.jpg

Gallery Event

Galleries, art exhibitions, creative conferences, portfolio, retailer. 


Artistic, large images, minimal, simple, stylish, creative, sleek, spacious.


Main conversion: general.

Poster Shop.jpg

Poster Shop

Design Shops, Creative Retailers, Online Stores.


Simple, fresh, creative, spacious.


Man conversion: eCommerce.

B&B Website.jpg

B&B Website

Bed and breakfasts, guest houses, and small hotels, travel, tourism.


Clean, modern.


Main conversion: booking

Webinar Landing Page.jpg

Webinar Landing Page

Small businesses, professional agencies, marketing firms.


Professional, modern, clean, bold, colourful, engaging.


Main conversion: button

IT Services.jpg

IT Services

IT Companies, IT Consulting Firms, Startups, Hi-tech Companies.


Professional, bold, overlapping content blocks.


Main conversion: form

Natural Soap and Candle Store.jpg

Kids App Landing Page

Educational and children's app developers, start-ups, landing page, community, business. 


Illustration, graphic/icons, colourful, friendly, fun. 


Main conversion: form


Natural Soap and Candle Store

Beauty product retailers, wellness shops, and home goods stores, health, wellness.


Clean, simple, fresh.


Main conversion: eCommerce.

Urban Church.jpg

Urban Church

Organisations, business, community, education, music, events.


Simple, colourful, tidy, friendly.


Main conversion: general, button.

Beauty Academy.jpg

Beauty Academy

Academies, schools, academic institutions.


Bold, dynamic, large images, clean, spacious.


Main conversion: booking/service

Student Resume.jpg

Student Resume

Students, interns, and business professionals, cv, portfolio.


Simple, tidy, sleek.


Main conversion: general/button

Jazz Music Blog.jpg

Jazz Music Blog

Bloggers, blog, reviews, promotion, editorial, music, artists, creatives.

Creative, expressive, stylish, fresh, individual.

Main conversion: General/form

Makeup Blog.jpg

Makeup Blog

Bloggers, blog, reviews, promotion, editorial, beauty, artists, creatives, fashion, wellness.


Simple, spacious, clean, beautiful.

Main conversion: general, button.

Stand-up Comedian.jpg

Stand-up Comedian

Portfolio, CV, creative, artists, blogs, landing page, promotion.

Fun, colourful, lively, bold, creative, unique.


Main conversion: General/ events

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