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Give your website extra boost

Sometimes your new website needs special treatment to represent your idea exactly how you want it. Our team completely understands it and is able to take care of additional digital marketing elements that you might need, such as logos, online shop functionalities, and more.

The finest WIX Builders add-ons

£350 + VAT*

Our team of Designers is able to craft the perfect graphic representation of your business — whether it will be your first logo ever or you just need to refresh the current one to make it look more modern.

Logo Design

Restaurant Package

An add-on dedicated to all the great food temples wishing to have their website built by us. We handle the digital version of your menu, table bookings and even a delivery ordering system, if needed!

£249 + VAT*

£499 + VAT*

If you run e-commerce or would like to bring your physical shop online, we are able to assist you with this. We set up a digital store on your website so you can start offering your unique services or selling your great products to new customers.

E-commerce Package

Bookings Package

Whatever kind of tightly-scheduled business you run, we can make managing your day simpler with this simple add-on. Let customers set up calls with you or book your services for their next event with just one click!

£149 + VAT*

£99 + VAT*

There is no better way to position yourself as an expert than with a blog. It allows you to present the broader audience the knowledge you possess and make sure you are considered a specialist in your industry.

Blog Add-on

Blogposts Package

If you don’t have time to prepare the new blog posts by yourself, our team of UK Copywriters and Researchers can handle it instead. They will make the posts SEO ready making your website easily found by potential customers on Google.

£249 +VAT*

£99 + VAT*

An extra page on your website can help you highlight all the great services that you have to offer. Just like any other page on your new site, this one also comes with high-quality design and copywriting optimised in a way your business can be easily found on Google.

Additional Copy Page

Extra Support Hour

£79 + VAT*

With every plan of ours, you receive one complimentary hour of support each month. This allows us to make sure your website runs smoothly and handle small changes requested by you. In case of any bigger update you might need, a dedicated developer can handle it for you.

*Applicable only to VAT-registered customers.

Website growing the way you wish

Just as various plants require specific soil to grow, your website should be tailored to specific needs depending on the industry you are working in. With our great variety of add-ons, we are able to help you with this and make sure guests who visit your website turn into actual customers.

If you wish to learn more about our add-ons and the benefits that come along with them, you are most welcome to leave us your contact details and we will call you back within 48 hours.

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